Are you preparing to go out for a particular period of time or do you like traveling and adventuring? This article is the best for you, how prepared are you to survive while outdoor? What tricks do you need to employ, you have the answer right here.

Always take your time to study the place from a map, orientate yourself by knowing the common landmarks around, the environment and what to expect in that place to aid in carrying the right tools for the place.

Tell a friend always before leaving, let them know where you are going and possibly how long you will take, this information is handy especially when you get injured, sick, lost. Leave a note if you do not like bothering others.

Know the area very well and the type of animals to expect, for an area with flooding get some tips from people from around, have numbers that you can use to get any assistance in case of an emergency such as game wardens.
For thirst try to look for running waters, avoid stagnant water at all cost except treated, carry with you iodine or enough water?

If you are to eat wild fruits, then test then on your skin and lips for any reaction, it is advisable to eat wild fruits that you understand very well since some are poisonous.

Avoid meat from reptiles for most of them are poisonous, eat from mammals such as squirrels and rabbit and let them be cooked thoroughly.

Let your survival kit have enough drugs such as antibacterial and some prescription, anti-allergic drugs are essential as well. For injuries, one can use them especially antibacterial.

Go out in a group, do not go alone unless otherwise, at least one person can do in case of anything, information can be retrieved.

Bring matches and lighters with you, when there is rain matches are not the best but lighters will do even in cold weathers and rain.

Have compass with you, will help get your direction all the times, practice using a compass if you do not know, it is an essential component while away and the best Survival Tips and Tricks for the Outdoors?

Carry with you plastic bags they are essential when it is rainy as one can use to cover personal belongings, clean plastic bags can be used to collect water in dry areas by trapping water from plant leaves. Have space blanket too for thermal insulation, also a superior shelter with a reflector for signaling.

Know how to create thick fire at night to scare wild animals and protection against cold weather. Chose elevated ground to build the fire and for of dry places, isolate the fire by stones to avoid fire spreading to unwanted places.

Carry a flashlight, preferably with an extra battery to help night tasks, include other miscellaneous tools such as a sewing kit, strong rope, whistle and multi-tool kit, that are also handy in many cases.

The basic survival tricks can be summarized as the attitude- this skill will keep you moving with good planning and execution. A Shelter is another major skill, we need to be protected against a harsh environment and from all hazards.

Water is an essential skill while you are out, water has the highest priority than food because human body comprises about 78% of water, and have clean and sufficient water while outdoor. Fire is another essential skill while out, know how to make fire, the fire will give you security, boil you water, for warmth amongst others.

Food as a survival skill will give you strength to move on, carry with you enough dried food, eat plants and fruits that you are conversant with, likewise eat meat from known animals, however, let them be well prepared and thoroughly cooked. Lastly, let you have natural skills for outdoor such as how to trap animals for food.