A Review of The Lost Ways

We live in the age where the society has no clue about the secrets and techniques of the old. These techniques were used by our ancestors in a bid to survive and thrive through the toughest of situations such as war, drought, disease and any other disasters that life presented to them.

At present we are ‘almost’ assured that should any of this calamity hit, then our lives would not be that badly off. However, life never has any guarantees and as such, it is of paramount importance that we know how to survive such conditions. The book Lost ways has all that one would need to know to survive and thrive amidst any condition.

About the Author

The Lost Ways book was written by Claude Davis a man known to have survived on his own. Claude drew his inspiration from the society. He looked at the society and his heart was troubled as it lacked the necessary skills for survival. He decided to write a guide that would bring out the skills.

It was after a long research and reading volumes of books and newspapers that the book was finally born. The book comes in both the digital and hard copy format hence ensuring that people from all eras can access it.

Areas Covered by the Book

Staying Prepared and Ready

The book gives precise details on how to be prepared should the inevitable occur. Whether the inevitable involves nuclear war, floods, invasions, earthquakes or tornadoes it is vital that one remains and stays prepared.

Taking the Necessary Proactive Measures

The Lost Ways guide in addition to guiding on how to stay prepared, it also gives a guideline on how to take measures that help minimize losses. It goes ahead and gives an outline of some of the proactive measures.

Self-preservation Skills

Most of the pages in this book hold valuable information on ways of surviving the aftermath of any disasters. It teaches how to hunt animals, preserve food, collect water and keep it clean and safe, use traditional herbs in healing among many others.

Advantages of the Lost Ways

  • It prepares you for any calamity and gives you the assurance that your family is safe.
  • Available in both print and digital versions.
  • All the survival skills in this book can be applied in many if not all situations.
  • The tips and skills in this book are invaluable, as they have been used for ages by our ancestors.
  • The book comes with a full sixty-day money back guarantee: this means that if you are not satisfied with your purchase you can always ask for a refund.


  • The book does not come with any audio or video tutorials.
  • It is fully detailed and as such, you have to consume a lot of time going through the entire book.